Humanity and the Tree of Life
An island of Cumbrian Slate, supports an aluminium structure in the form of a dying tree. Beads represent dying leaves on the tree. From two of the branches hand the skins of two endangered animals created in hand woven Miyuki beads. One is the highly coloured California red sided garter snake, and the other is the Coachella fringe toed lizard
Medium Aluminium, woven Japanese and Czech beads, Cumbrian slate
Size with frame: 38cm widthx39cm height, depth15cm
By Lucy Hughes
The Brexicorn
A plastic unicorn is painted blue with stars on one side and the British flag on the other. It has a silver mane, and gold horn. The hooves and red and gold. It lights up.
Medium Acrylic over found object, Instagram star!!!
Size with frame: 16cm width x 17cm height
By Roy W Hughes
The Brexicorn was part of an Instagram campaign where she was photographed against various backgrounds and posted to make points both ironic and conciliatory. She lights up.
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