Brief Resume
I have spent a lot of my career in assembling things and this has always fueled my creative side. I love big machines and how they go from small parts to large creations. Engineering was good enough for Leonardo da Vinci! And this is how I spend much of my working career, that is working in the engineering field. It has given me an interesting insight into a male orientated world. One day I shall write a book. I know about materials and building next generation fuel efficient planes. I have worked in green energy generation and environmental decontamination.
My arts career started early on when with a group of others we came runner up at the Llangollen Eisteddfod. I have sung on BBC radio in those days. I have worked a lot with textiles and have made everyday clothes, ball gowns, wedding dresses. I can crochet, embroider, knit etc etc etc. I think darning is a good thing.
I was always interested in editing music and words into art pieces and eventually became a professional part time film maker. My editing skills are highly thought of.
I am a performer and my video channels are very widely watched and subscribed both here and in the US. I became a glass beader almost by accident. And when I realised no one had really considered converting this to a fine art mixed media material I just had to do it. I have developed new beading methods, and continue to do so. My advice is sought after on these. I have been interviewed several times as part of a BBC art show, helping my novel work to gain recognition. Some of my art sits in collections containing a Kandinsky, I am happy with this.
If I had a selfish wish it would be that there should be much more understanding of fine art beading in the UK, and I am doing my best to evangelise it.
I have always been involved in the arts and started my career in photojournalism. Early on I could see a limited future in this field. I pursued a scientific career alongside my arts work. In recent years I switched from scientist to become a professional artist with some success. I have been heavily involved in the community art scene, partly as an exhibitor, but also as an organiser and bidding for funds to put on free community events. These bring art to those that may normally pass it by and they have met with success thanks to all those involved. I want to keep this community work progressing with my professional artists work. I dont feel artists should sit above the community but be part of it.
I am an ex-academic and worked in interdisciplinary sciences (esp. physics, chemistry and psychology), I am a published author, written numerous papers, written books with mainstream publishers. I have given many keynote speeches, I have worked and published in environmental science, biomedical research, nanotechnology and experimental psychology among a number of fields. I can make the paints I use, and I hold patents in pigments for low energy displays for use in the worlds under-developed countries. I have a great interest in the relationship between how the brain processes the feel of an object and its material properties.
I love photography, drawing and painting and I won't ever stop.
Our art maybe seen in the EVAN gallery as well as the events below.
List of RECENT events
EVENTS - 2022
March, By invitation only, on line course for Create for Healing, a site for healing through creation
4th-30th April Contemporary Cloth, EVAN gallery, invited exhibitor
18th June - 3rd July Meanders Cockermouth, Community Art Trail, with interview on BBC
23rd-24th July, by invitation only, Art in the Hills Dufton
11th -14th August Factory: Festival of Creative Arts, Keswick
14th-16th October Harrogate Contemporary Art Fair
EVENTS - 2021
Illustrated in Vogue, London Life and House and Garden magazines
3rd-12th September EVAN Open Studios and Art Trail at Florence Mine, Egremont
events - 2020
11th January - 22nd Feb, - EVAN Open exhibition, Penrith Gallery
15th February - 29th February, - Contemporary Cloth exhibition, EVAN gallery, invited exhibitor.
26th March - 19th April, - EVAN Open exhibition, Penrith Gallery
9th May-17th May, - WCA (West Cumbrian Arts) Open studios and art trail Location TBC
20th June - 5th July, - Meanders WCA - Community Art Trail, Cumbria, Exhibitor and Co-Organiser
7th Sept - 20th Sept, - WCA Open Studios & Art trail, The Gather, Ennerdale
22nd Oct - 15th Nov, - Autumn EVAN Open Exhibition, Penrith Gallery
Events  2019
29th November - 1st December, - The Moot Hall, Keswick
17th October - 9th November, - EVAN Open exhibition, Penrith Gallery
28 June to 13th July, Meanders WEST - Community Art Trail, Cumbria, Exhibitor and Co-Organiser and fund owner
15-23 June, - WEST Open Studios and art trail, Keswick,
4th - 28th April, - EVAN Open exhibition, Penrith Gallery
Overseas Invitation Exhibitions
6th September to 12th October 2019, - Teatro Comunale, Todi, Umbria, Italy exhibition by invited exhibitor.
Events  2018
1st and 2nd December, - The Moot Hall, Keswick
18th October - 9th November, - EVAN Open exhibition, Penrith Gallery
23rd June - 1st July, - Meanders, Cumbria, Exhibitor and Co-Organiser
June 16 -  June 24th, - EVAN open studios and art trail, Beacon Museum Portal exhibition, Whitehaven, Cumbria
9th March - 4th April 2018 EVAN Open exhibition, Penrith Gallery
SOME PAST Highlights
November 2016, - International Award for Innovation, awarded for game design, involving graphics, 3D printing and structural design awarded by the Institute of Asset Management, held UK London (LH). LH has published papers and been interviewed for her work in this area of gamefication.
21st March  to 4th April, - Tattoo in Art exhibition in Denver, Colorado, USA, - by invitation only,  mixed media photography, digital art and painting (RWH)
2-10 October 2010, RWH has a long history of professional photography and so does not enter exhibitions against fine art photographers. However he entered The Photo Gallery event Bristol, an Open Event restricted to mobile phones only. RWH came runner up in people’s vote. (RWH).
We have a long history of documentary film making and still make to this day. I have worked commercially and as art projects as well as Vlogging. Our two favorite full length docs are;
Community art film 2014, - Connections: Sheep to Chanel (aka S2C) launched on Vimeo and YouTube
Vimeo link and listed on IMDB link
Gordon Bennett, Gas Balloon race 2011 (aka GB2010) which took place 25th September, documentary of the race across Europe. It is a unique record of this event. We were embedded in the team, our work was used by both SKY and BBC.
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