In my art I love to stimulate the senses. Colour and texture are particularly important to me. I like colours that you begin to imagine you can smell or taste. At times it’s hedonistic, euphoric and trancelike.
I use the finest materials, to create colour and texture. By using Japanese glass beads, sometimes gold and silver, I create paths representing paths through life, challenges, decisions, feelings, concepts.
Sometimes I can be more literal, but that is relative. It may mean that pieces are less abstract and more graphic in form. My art is about the human condition and what brings it joy. Touching the human spirit.
I am driven by story telling and communication. I love an artistic narrative, and the more emotive you can create the story,  the better a picture works.
I think that too many artists worry about being serious all the time and I think its fine to be witty. I am working to develop a signature style which is no signature style, just a vehicle for the message to be communicated: It must be me because it doesn't quite look like anything else.
I am knowingly ambiguous, and there is always an undercurrent in competition to the main theme. A tension. I am driven by feminist issues, environmental issues and futurism. All of these are not some artistic conceit or fancy, but borne by experience. I have seen the issues and challenges first hand and tried to sort them in the real world. I want you to look at a picture and think that 'means something to me'.
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